Fun Garden Games For Kids

Encourage your children to play outdoors is not always easily, particularly when there are often so many distractions available to them indoors. So how can outdoor games compete against computers, games consoles and televisions?

The key is to concentrate on showing your kids how much fun is to be found outdoors. This is not as difficult as it may sound – children tend to love outdoor games, but it's just a matter of showing them the possibilities that are available.

Is it worth making the effort? Looking at a range of recent reports, there can be no doubt that kids who do not get enough exercise can really be heading for trouble. Childhood obesity levels have been rising and the lack of exercise is being held up as one of the potential causes.

Where do you start when it comes to increasing exercise levels? If you're already starting to think about garden games then you're probably on the right lines. Outdoor games certainly offer to involve a higher level of activity and movement than many indoor alternatives.

You can help your kids by demonstrating how exciting it can be to spend time playing outdoors. This might involve you investing on some additional toys and games. Climbing frames and slides, for example, can be good purchases because they help to show children that it is possible to be healthy and have fun at the same time.

Trampolines have also become increasingly popular. You may have spotted them popping up in more and more gardens around the country. They are particularly good because they are perfect for the whole family.

Once kids get to use trampolines they generally find that they're such a good fun that it can be hard to try them back indoors!

This is the ideal situation. If you can show your children how exciting it is to play garden games then you'll soon be encouraging them to choose more healthy activities.