Dressing Your Home Victorian Style

The Victorian decorating theme complied of abundance as well as exquisite accessories is still popular in the 21st century even though other remnants of the Victorian culture such as clothing and morals are not longer present in our society. The years have changed Victorian home decor in many ways through the years, but not enough that it is no longer recognizable. If you look closely, even modern Victorian home decor still has its roots firmly planted in the authentic Victorian decor of years gone by.

The Origin of Victorian Home Décor

The Victorian style is indicative of a life of excess and wealth. This is, of course, a contrast to styles such as Oriental or philosophies such as Feng Shui. The Victorian decorating theme is one that is comprised of abundance at the highest possible level. If you look around at the clothing styles and morals of the Victorian era, you will detect a strong likeness. The clothing women of that era wore consist of skirts that were floor length, with extra material making them very full. Collars extended the length of the neck and were not able to be folded down nor were they low-cut. Sleeves extended to the wrist. Likewise, your Victorian home décor should completely "dress" your home.

How to Dress Your Home

You must begin with the basic components of your home if you are going to dress it in proper Victorian style décor. Windows are the most integral item in Victorian home décor, and you must dress them with a minimum of three full, unique and flowing layers of curtains as well as shades. White is the best color because it still allows the sunshine to enter your home in spite of the fact that your windows are fully covered.

Other Accents

Victorian home décor requires the inclusion of Victorian furniture and Victorian accents. Furniture needs to be beautiful and usable with a purpose that is clearly defined. After your furniture is in place, beginning adding accents such as ornamental lampshades. The same style of lampshade should be used on every lampshade you own. Just like the windows, your light bulbs should be covered in two to three layers of white fabric – you can add some gold accents if you so desire.

Your home can look quite beautiful with the inclusion of Victorian home décor as long as you make the effort and put in some time. Purchase some exquisite fabrics and some key accents, and you can make any room in your home a romantic Victorian retreat.