Preparing to Move – Packing Yor Kitchen

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Preparing your kitchen for a move can be one of the biggest hassles of moving. Many people are not even sure whether or not they should throw out or pack their food items. Luckily, this guide should clear up quite a few questions and give the reader an idea of ​​how to go about packing the kitchen!

First things first, decide whether or not you are bringing the refrigerator with you on your move. If so, be sure to have it emptied out and cleaned ahead of time. Since moving companies often charge by the hour, if they show up on moving day and you need to take time to clean the fridge, it will cost you more. If you are not bringing the refrigerator, it would still be a wise idea to make sure that you have emptied the fridge to have gotten rid of your frozen items ahead of time.

One problem most face with packing a kitchen is the amount of labeling that needs to be done. Some boxes need to be designated for spices, others for bowls and plates; the list could go on and on. Careful organizing and planning may seem like a bit of a hassle at first, but in the long run you will be glad you took the extra time to make sure you know what is in each of the boxes and what you would like to be unpacked first .

For items that you are unsure about, think about the weight and space you may save by not packing them. In turn, those savings lower the total cost of the move. Although it may not seem like much at first, canned goods add up in the weight category quickly. Try to reduce the amount of canned items in your boxes whenever possible.

Cleaners such as Windex or other items often can not be packed after being opened, so try to use them as much as you can or find someone to give them to. If moving to a new state, try to find out your new state's laws on certain fruits and vegetables, or other items. Some states do not allow many food items to be imported into their state for various reasons.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember to pack is a box or two of essential items. If you are going to come to the new house before the movers, you might want to take this box with you. This box could include things like the coffee maker and coffee, paper towels, salt and pepper, dish soap, dish towels etc. Anything you use often on an everyday basis really.

Now that you have this guide, you should be kindly prepared to pack your kitchen quickly and efficiently. Good luck and happy moving !