Intimate Relationships

Love is a predominant part of our life. Romance makes life worth living. Intimacy, on the other hand makes having a romantic someone, in our lives, worth it.

The idea of ​​an intimate relationship is to be very close to somebody, to not have any hidden stories or agendas, to not keep anything from them and to expect them to do the same for you.

• Trust is the basis of any intimate relationship. Secrets have no place here.

• Ego and self importance have to be completely absent. We become so absorbed in the other person that everything is less important for us when compared to our partners. Since this is a mutual feeling therefore the ego does not register over here.

• Spending time together. This seems such a trivial thing but in actual life this is the most difficult to manage. Today everything is running at a mad speed. To carve out a little hour or several moments to just talk or maybe hold hands while continuing to work, it just makes the whole tiring day go away in an instant.

• Special gestures or surprises are so touching and endearing. Anyone who has never received any surprise can never understand the feeling. Arrange for some special picnics or beach walks with your partner. Watch her face light up at these silly gestures and feel your heart soar.

• People in intimidation are scared sometimes of the amount of openness required in it. I mean there are literally no secrets. Sometimes people get shy and uncomfortable due to this. Just remember that your spouses are human after all. They have imperfections, they can be wrong sometimes. To accept a person with all his faults is love and remember that you are accepted back.

• Intimacy or romance does not always have to mean sex. In fact expecting that all the time is incorporating. It naturally does lead up to physical closeness but the emphasis is on naturally here.
Emotions and feelings surface when we are in a sexual relationship. In that case intimacy is even more important.

• It is wonderful to witness even the minimum efforts of our partners to make the experience special for us and it should be a vice versa concept.

• Personal hygiene is very important in this case. Also, we must obviously try to give them the best us that we can be. I am sure they do not expect anything from us but the effort will be really appreciated.

• There is seriously nothing more flattering than putting on some sexy lingerie and seeing the eyes of your man pop out with desire. It makes you feel so desirable and is a great confidence booster. Wonderful is not it what tiny bits of silk and satin do for you?

However, the discomfort in any relationship is based on sharing. Share your joys and tensions with that special someone. Some people spend all their lives without ever finding the elusive special one. If you are lucky enough to have him then work to keep your relationship growing and flourishing.
Good luck!