What Do I Have to Do in Order to Keep My Man Always Happy? 7 Things You Must Know Right Now

If you're in love with a man, is not it your wish to give him everything that he really wants? Is not it your goal to make him feel that he's satisfied all the time? So what does it really take to make a man happy?

Start looking crappy and he'll be looking away.
Keeping a guy happy can be very easy. It begins by looking good for him and, of course, yourself. You have to show him that you do exert extra effort to look good and please him. If you're already living together, do not let your guard down by wearing the ugliest clothing.

Flirt each day of your life.
Being together does not mean becoming easy on your courtship. Remember that you have to court your man, too. Be sensual, use your body to your advantage. One good way to flirt is to compliment him with whatever he has completed. Send him sensuous text messages, tease him, make him want you each day of his existence.

Liven up your sexual encounters.
Do not be afraid to explore zones that you have not visited before. Having sex on a regular basis is a great way to keep a guy interested in you. But having sex regularly does not mean that you can just perform the exact same thing each time – have a taste for variety!

Respect is at the very top of each man's list.
More than being a good cook or being a great bedroom mate, a man needs to feel that he is being respected by the woman that he loves. Do not get too comfortable where you begin yelling at him if you're not satisfied about something that he did.

Do not become his second mother.
Although guys fall for women who are great in the kitchen, it's different when it comes to their choice of partner. You have to stop mothering him. Prove to him that you're just his trusted partner and that you would not hover like a paparazzi.

Show how thought you are.
Although they will not admit to being mushy inside, men are actually suckers for women who give them little gifts every now and then. Why do not you prepare a romantic dinner in your home? Why not surprise him with a trip to a romantic getaway?

It's important that you establish your own social life.
Falling into a pattern where he's the sole person in your universe is not healthy. Hang out with your friends and relatives. Have some time by yourself. It's important that he still feels his individuality so allow him to have a life of his own. Separate your social lives once in a while.