Fitness Over 40

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It's here – you've arrived!

Being over 40 is not something to fear nor feel that we're too old to continue on our favorite activities.

A time comes into our life when we become "senior citizens" … that is, we've reached the magic number of being over forty years old.

It's that time in life when our physical activity begins to diminish, and "taking life easy" is our goal.

Then comes that day when our doctor takes a good look at us and the magic words strike our ears: "I believe it's time for you to lose some of that weight you've collected over all those years.

And all this time we thought it was normal for us to be able to sit back and relax now and let the younger generation do all the physical activity! It never dawned on us because we did not attract the attention of the younger "other" sex.

Well, now you know!

I can remember the time it hit me when I took my son to an amusement park and when I went to pay for the tickets I was told that my ticket was almost free because people my age did not ride all the rides, but just watched the youngger children!

Of course if you have a child when you're forty, you might experience going to one of the fast food restaurants with your child to let them play as well as eat when someone comes up to you and tells you what a nice grandchild you have ! Gee, that one really hurts.

Now, you can start feeling better about yourself, and you can find out how to look and feel physically younger again. Do not let this pass you by.

Whatever your age age, it's time for you to consider getting that youthful look again without over exercising yourself with uncontrolled exercise.

The one critical item is that you check with your doctor about whatever path you wish to follow. I know that I would have liked to play tennis for years, but I know what my doctor would have told me and I do not think I'd like that!