Massage Therapy Home Business – Free Marketing Ideas

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Free Business Cards

A lot of online companies offer up to 250 free business cards you can design yourself. My favorite is Home Business Center. You can design your personal massage therapy business cards using any of their 42 card templates to deliver your message and contact information. Keep your business cards on you and hand them out to potential clients. Listen to what is being said around you in conversation. For example, when someone complaints about a back ache or a stressful week suggest a massage and give them your card. Also, ask friends and family to hand out a few to coworkers that might be interested in a home massage.

Local Directories and Home Business Directories Online

Submit your business information to local directories. Even if you do not have a web site for you massage therapy home business your services will appear in local search results. The top three directories or local map search engines to submit to are Google Local Business Center, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local Listing Center. Add contact information, specialty services, pictures and hours available. Also, submit your massage business to local company directories in your area.

Participate in Raffles Ticket Giveaways in your Area

Find local events in your area and donate a free massage to the community raffle. It is free advertising for your massage home business and if the raffle winner enjoys their massage (and I am sure he or she will) you got yourself a client and referrals from their network of friends.

Local Classified Ads

Create seasonal classified ads to market specials or gift certificates for holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Submit your ad to and other local classified listings.

Existing Client Incentives

Once your massage home business starts taking off you can ask your clients to submit reviews to your Local Business Listings with the incentive to receive a discount on their next massage. Also, you can increase clientele by offering discounts when they refer you to 5 friends.

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