Internal File System Errors Cause Data Loss in Mac OS X

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HFS is the most popular file system in Mac OS X computers. It is developed by Apple Inc. to use in their desks, laptops, and server computers. HFS is the base of all Mac OS X file systems, such as HFS +, HFSX, and HFS Wrapper. However, under some situations, this may get damaged due to a number of reasons, such as operating system malfunction, unexpected system shutdown, virus infection, hardware crash, and user errors.

In such cases, the stored data becomes inaccessible and you face serious data loss problems. To overcome these data loss problems, Mac data recovery becomes a need of hour.

Corruption renders the Mac OS X hard drive volume un-mounted and that it can not be accessed using normal methods. The file system corruption may be indicated by various symptoms, which include an error message that pops up when you try to mount the disk volume. The error message may be similar to the following one-

"-127 fsDSIntErr Internal file system error"

The error occurs every time you try to mount the disk volume. In order to sort out this problem with your Mac machine, you need to find out the root of this issue and then fix it using Mac recovery solutions.


As stated above, the problem occurs due to corruption or other internal problems with Mac OS X file system. File system may face inconsistencies due to a wide range of issues, such as improper system shutdown, operating system crash, user errors, and faulty hardware.


In order to recover Mac data in such cases, try out any of the below methods-

Try repairing the affected Mac OS X hard drive volume using Disk Utility. It is an inbuilt tool that helps you fix minor disk problems.

Run FSCK command on Terminal in single user mode. It is the command-based version of Disk Utility.

Format the hard drive and reinstall operating system. You must use this option as a last resort only as it removes your precious data from the hard drive and cause further data loss.

Recover lost data using Mac file recovery software. The applications are specifically designed to extract lost data in all data loss situations.

Third-party data recovery software lets you handle data loss problem very easily and safely with simple user interface and read-only design.

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