How to Get More Neighbors on Farmville

One of the biggest things that Farmville players would like to know is how to get more neighbors on Farmville. Having more neighbors on Farmville is helpful in so many ways and in this article I'm going to give you some ways to do this.

Farmville neighbors are much more than just friends, having multiple neighbors will ensure that you can take advantage of the easiest way to level up quickly in Farmville. When you go to your neighbors' farms, you will be asked if you can help with their farm when they are not around. By performing this action you will gain coins and experience points, these easy, accessible experience points can be done once daily every single day, assuming you have enough neighbors to do it for.

The most obvious way is to invite friends who already play Farmville or invite people to join Farmville and add the Farmville application. Many people do not do this because they do not want to bother other people, but even if the person does not do anything with their farm, so long as they add the application, you will get them as a neighbor.

One other way of adding neighbors is by joining lists of other people who also want to add neighbors. Just go to and at the bottom of the page click on the "Forums" button. Click on the link around half way down the page that reads "Find Neighbors". At the next page click on the "Add Me" link. Then, on the next page click any of the links that say "Add Me" and you will be taken to a list of other people who want to be added as your neighbor on Farmville.

But, before you add them as a neighbor on Farmville you need to add them as a friend on Facebook. In addition, if you want other people to come to you for a neighbor add, you can post your personal Facebook link in the forum. With this approach you will not have to do any of the work because other people will add you.

These are some of the techniques for how to get more neighbors on Farmville, but if you really want to learn great tips on the other aspects of the game you should read below.