Practical and Beautiful Kitchen Garden Windows

Growing an herb garden in the kitchen has become a popular pastime for a lot of people during these times when so many are concentrating on eating healthy yet still tasty food. When you remove fats and sugars from food, they can be pretty bland without you use herbs and spices to give them a special pizazz. Fresh herbs are so much tastier than the packaged kind which is causing many people to consider installing kitchen garden windows. With a garden window you can grow a variety of herbs without sacrificing any of your precious kitchen counter space.

Having a greenhouse window does not mean giving up any of the light and fresh air that you would get from a regular window, either. Most of them include two casement windows which will allow you to open them to get the breeze. Since they bow out from the wall of the house and have glass roofs, additional light comes in through the top making them perfect for greenhouse functions. It's even better if the window is directly over your kitchen sink, because then the plants will get the benefit of the steamy water you use in the sink.

Greenhouse windows add as much as a foot of extra counter space over a sink. Although this makes an excellent spot for plants and herbs because of the extra light the area receives, there are many more ways you can utilize this extra room. For instance, you may choose to use it for cookbook storage or as a display area for decorative items. If your window has an additional shelf, that will create even more usable space.

The engineering used to design kitchen garden windows is very sound. They are made to be completely weather-tight and will not develop leaks the way some bay windows do. In addition, many of them are covered with a UV protectant that will keep harmful rays out of your kitchen and off your skin. This feature can help you avoid skin cancer as well as protect the items stored in the window area from fading, cracking, and peeling. They have also been crafted to look just as beautiful from the outside as they do inside and make an extremely practical addition to any kitchen.