Got Jewelry? Hear About Our Crosses

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Religious jewelry is a meaningful representation of spirituality and style. What comes to mind when you think of religious jewelry? A cross may obviously be the first thing affiliated with it, but there are also well-known symbols such as the fish and the Star of David that can also be used as religious symbols sported on jewelry. The cross, however, may be the most popular religious symbol, and thus, modeled most heavily on religious jewelry.

When it comes to these three religious symbols, there are many options of styles and materials used to depict religious jewelry. Let’s narrow that search, by spotlighting crosses, as the following featured crosses will help you get started on finding the perfect religious jewelry for you.

Catholic Crucifix-Details and depiction are two words that sum up observations of a catholic crucifix. In silver or gold, a Catholic Crucifix is distinguished by a suffering Christ against the Cross. At first glance, Christ’s figure on the cross can be very subtle, giving all assumptions towards a traditional-style cross. But when seen up close, the crucified body can easily be seen. A Catholic cross, given as a gift, will serve as a memorable reminder of Christ.

Greek cross-Can you visualize what their design entails? Envision the plus sign in mathematics. The American Red Cross is the “plus sign,” but red, and wider, defined as two perpendicular, symmetrical points. More descriptively, if you were to put a square (a plane of four equal sides) around it, each of the tips of the cross would perfectly touch the sides. Now that you have a detailed definition of this type of cross, define this also as a Greek cross, a religious work of art, yet also a figure adorned most popularly in necklaces, bracelets, earrings or anklets.

Celtic cross-A cross that features three important aspects, a Celtic cross brings together a religious, stylish and cultural blend into a unique design. A Celtic cross consists of a traditional-style crucifix, complemented with a slightly smaller ring encircling the cross. A cross that has rich meaning, the ring on the cross is said to be a symbol of God’s endless love. Among other symbolisms, the ring is also said to stand for eternity and the sun.

These three crosses are just a few of the many beautiful styles that have depicted this religious treasure. The cross, a universal symbol of Christianity, is a religious treasure that is versatile as any piece of jewelry, from a necklace to a brooch– to wear for that very special occasion.