Wear Jewelry Like Ashley Judd

When Ashley Judd’s husband Dario Franchitti won the Indy 500 this year, a rain-soaked Ashley was right there to congratulate him. These are the kinds of things devoted celebrity wives do for their professional athlete husbands, right? Well, it’s the kind of thing Ashley did – and she did it with style. How did she keep herself pulled together and still looking glamorous despite wet hair, a soaked dress and glistening skin? The answer is simple – jewelry.

1. No Limits

Judd, who now boasts her own jewelry line and has said of her jewelry choices, “I have no inhibitions,” is true to her word. The day of the Indy 500, she practically danced in the rain, allowing herself to literally soak up the moment. This energy comes through in her accessory style as well. She has been photographed wearing an oversized, single strand pearl necklace, diamond and pearl drop earrings with gemstone accents, and cascading chain earrings. Her choices are united entirely by the general, feminine beauty of the gemstones and their arrangements. She loves gemstone-rich pieces with solid colors that compliment her straightforward skin tones.

Make It Work For You:

Look for pieces made with the classics (gold, pearls, dark gemstones) and designs that scream unique personality. We recommend you shop at a handmade jewelry store, where you can customize your favorite designs according to metal, length and gemstone.

These handmade earrings are much like those Judd wore to the Indy 500.

2. Love Color

Judd’s jewelry box is full of every gemstone, including tourmaline, diamonds, quartz, and white and black pearls. She has figured out what colors work for her and she sticks to them, knowing that there are thousands of unique styles out there that make use of these classic stones. This applies to her clothing choices too – on that great day at the race track, she wore a printed dress full of color, along with cascading chandelier earrings boasting only two colors: dark blue and gold. The accessories matched subtle parts of her dress material so as to tie the whole ensemble together without overwhelming.

Make It Work For You:

Choose earring colors that will bring out your eyes or match a minor color in your clothing. Match necklaces to shoes, bracelets to earrings and earrings to belts. These subtle but fun touches make the outfit uniquely yours and will convey the appearance of control and self-confidence.

3. Be Yourself.

Jewelry is the secret weapon of every female celebrity, whether she’s strolling the red carpet or stepping out to the corner store for another box of ginger tea. A subtle pair of earrings, a bracelet full of bling, or a bold gemstone pendant necklace all add a particularly personal touch to her outfit and over time, each individual woman’s accessory style becomes part of her signature look. So while you take hints from Judd’s signature looks, keep in mind that accessories are your opportunity to make your ensemble specifically yours and to develop your very own personal style.

Make It Work For You:

Look for gemstones that have a particular meaning to you – be they birthstones, astrological or just mythologically significant. Do your research and fall in love with a couple of stones that also look good and you will quickly have a signature look all your own.