Hitachi UT42X902 Review

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The Hitachi UT42X902 is one of the sleeker 1080p LCD televisions. At just 1.6 inches thick, it is certainly thin. The translucent frame on all four sides curves back to the edge. The Hitachi UT42X902 stand is fairly unique and is designed with a circular, donut-like base.

Perhaps the largest drawback of the UT42X902 is that you must supplement the very basic HDMI and PC inputs with which the UT42X902 comes equipped with a standard AVC08U Audio Video Center for a couple hundred dollars more. Unfortunately, this purchase is necessary for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the desire to actually watch television programming. The Hitachi UT42X902's remote is better than most and features back-lighting behind every key as well as a learning feature to control other devices.

The UT42X902 has quite a few picture controls in addition to many advanced controls including three types of noise. Although it's a pain to have to purchase the AVC08U Audio Video Center, it has an extremely robust offering of ports to suit your every need. The Hitachi UT42X902 does a solid job of displaying accurate, realistic colors, but it has few outstanding characteristics; however, there is one exception: it's uniformity of color. Colors are consistent and balanced and even hold out very well when seen from off-angles. As far as price is concerned, you will have to pay a premium for Hitachi's extremely sexy set. So if you want to own one of the great beauties of the LCD TV market, this is definitely a LCD TV for you to consider.

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