Sony Ericsson W715- Gaming Dedicated Phone!

Sony Ericsson sustains a reputed position in mobile manufacturing and has always introduced some striking and ultra slim handsets in mobile market. This time Sony Ericsson has come up with W715. Its photography enhancement features makes it an ideal shooting device while sound enhancement functions url this unit to be used primarily for video recording and video streaming. However, whatever the purpose of users behind purchasing this handset, it satisfies them on every front.

Entertainment and gaming

A built in 3.2 mega pixel camera offering the resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels has been flanked in the device that also allows the users to record some memorable moments of life. Furthermore, a media player supporting the file formats of MPEG player, mp3 and AAC is also engraved in this gadget that will never let the users feel monotony all through the day. A unique walkman 3.0 player is introduced for keeping the customers delighted for the whole day.

Merely with a shake, one can control the playing of music tracks, for changing or shuffling songs, all they need to do shake the handset and within no time, the song will be changed, it looks so amazing. The feature of TrackID is also included that provides necessary details about the song being played current. Now comes the major part, that is motion gaming that counts for the attraction of several gaming lovers. This mobile phone comes embedded with a wide array of exciting and thrilling 3D games with customization utility. Motion gaming is also incorporated for controlling the playing of 3D games.

An FM radio is engraved in the unit; the customers can enjoy their favorite music tracks by logging into different channels. One can also keep himself / herself updated with current news while away from all media means.

The battery of LI Polymer is responsible for operating the device for longer time duration. It offers the talk time of 10 hours and standby time of 400 hours.