Steps in Making Mini Herb Garden

Many people wanted to start herbal gardening, but they do not have any idea on what to do first. If you are a first timer gardener, start with a mini herb garden. It is a great introduction to gardening. Here are some steps on what to do. The following steps are included.

1. Garden location: It is very important to choose the right place for your mini herb garden because it can affect your growing herb. If you choose to plant indoors windowsill is advisable it must face either south or west. If you choose to plant outside there must be a shade at least half a day. It is not good for the herb plant to expect all day to the sun. The site is very important for it will affect the growing herb.

2. Right container: We must consider the night pot or right container for our herbs. This will affect their growing process if they do not have enough space for them to grow. If possible it must be in a plastic or clay few inches in diameter. See to it that the pot provides enough space for them to grow. Not too big and not too small exact size must be required.

3. Exact soil mixture: Potting soil and sand must be in an exact mixture, they must be proportionate to one another, soil and sand. Adding half tablespoon of lime for the soil grows herb best. See to it if there is a great mixture for almost perfect herbs.

4. Planting: In planting seed, it is not necessary to plant your herbs deeply. The exact measurement is the nail on your index finger. Push the seed into the soil until you do not see your nail. Correct measurement in planting allows your plant to sprout once it germinates. The more you plant will sprout if you loosen the soil.

5. Watering: One of the components in order for your plant to grow well is to provide them waters. They are like human being that can not live without water, the same with the plants they will not grow if there is no water. The right amount of water is very important for mini herb garden. Incorrect amount of water can cause plant to drown and create diseases that will result in unsuccessful growth of your herbs in your mini herb garden. Therefore, it is necessary to have enough water for your herbal plants, not much nor not less.

6. Light: As we have known every plant needs sunlight. However, there are some plants that can not grow when exposed to so much sunlight. Most herbs can only sustain sunlight at about seven hours directly to the sun. Some can sustain long under the heat of the sun but some need semi-shaded condition. So all you have to do is to look at the back of the seed package, it will give you an idea on how much sunlight the herb needs.

7. Air / Wind: Mini herb garden also needs wind but not too much wind, it will destroy them. If your herb garden is exposed to a very strong wind, put some blockage to control it. If your mini herb garden is inside or an indoor garden then see to it that it has enough amount of air. The right amount of air is very important.

8. Pruning: This step is very important for it requires too much attention to your plants always cut close to the stem or soil in order for them to be healthy.

These are some steps in a successful and wonderful mini herb garden. If you will just follow these steps, I am sure you will be satisfied of its outcome.