Jewelry Beads

Jewelry beads, what can you do with them? Well, there's the obvious answer of creating homemade jewelry. But let's think outside the box. I'm feeling ambitious, hopefully you are too. Instead of making you look amazing (which I'm sure you already do), we can spruce up your home with an artistic flare.

I have a few ideas we can use jewelry beads for instead of jewelry. You'll need a few supplies, fishing line, I suggest a 10lb line for the assurance of extra strength, a wooden curtain rod, eye hooks and patience. Our goal, making making beautiful home accessories, is further developing our eye for design.

First up is a bead curtain. Yes, you can buy them in the store, but they're not personalized. You have to measure two things: the width and length of the doorway. The curtain has to fit and be long enough to act as a door. Lay your curtain rod on the ground. You have to screw the eye hooks into the rod, spacing each one evenly, yet close enough to create the illusion the curtain is one solid piece. Next, acknowledging the length of the door frame, cut your fishing line and attach it to the eye hooks. Now comes the patience, threading each line with beads takes time, but once done it is a beautiful curtain. After you've finished beading each line, tie the ends off and hang the curtain in your doorframe. Ta-da, you're finished and have a personally decorated beaded curtain. The more you do this, the more intricate your styles will become.

Make a mat. Create a mat for your bathroom, kitchen or front door. Imagine having guests come to your door and seeing your art welcome them. This is easily accomplished with fishing line and beads. Make a square frame. Then, making several rows of beads threaded with fishing wire, fasten them within the frame. You finished your mat. Depending on the beads you've used, the comfort level of standing on the mat will vary. If edged or plastic, the mat is going to be uncomfortable and would be better suited as a welcome mat. Use clay and smoothed beads for a kitchen or bathroom mat.

Closely related to mats in design and symmetry are coasters and hot pads. Yes, they are square like the mats I mentioned above. They're even made the same way, only smaller. Still, their function, whether it be keeping your table dry or preventing your counter from cracking, is important. With your added zest for design, mixing colors, bead styles and different patterns, the aesthetics of your home will forever change (in a good way). The look of homemade coasters or hot pads is a kitschy, light-hearted way to liven up a room.

Yes, they're called jewelry beads, but as I've just shown you, they are not limited to bodily adornment. Cast inhibition to the wind and start crafting whatever your desires with the help of beads, patience and ingenuity.