The Art of English Garden Landscaping

Each garden designer has his or her own signature style of landscaping the area. Depending on preference and style, the garden may either have a complex design with an obviously manicured landscape. Or, the garden's design may have a wild, natural look.

One of the most common designs being adapted all around the world is the English garden. English Garden landscaping combines an appealing visual blend of natural and groomed beauty. The design is simple but pleasant to the eyes. In fact, it is the design that is chosen for many public places and buildings.

As what the name follows, English garden landscaping originated in Europe. Interestingly, this style of garden landscaping was inspired by paintings that depict European landscapes. Garden designer William Kent applied the idea into gardens. There were other influential designers such as Humphrey Repton and Capability Brown who added their own ideas.

Kent got his influence from old European culture. Repton wanted a garden that would look like beautiful places in the English countryside. On the other hand, Brown wanted flowering plants to be placed right next to a structure. This was an idea that has been lingering in his mind but was not implemented by gardeners at that time.

Traditional English Garden landscaping lines lines that curve and wind around the area. This is quite evident in the garden's winding pathways. The points of interest in the garden are marked and emphasized by things such as benches and statues.

Also, English garden landscaping is characterized by a huge assortment of plants. The large amount of plants gives the garden a natural feel, although it is obvious that the plants are taken care of and pruned regularly.

A lot of parks and places make use of pure English garden landscaping. These places include the majestic gardens in famous places such as Castle Howard, Stourhead, Blenheim Palace, Stowe and Rousham House. The gardens in these places give the viewer an idea of ​​how these places might look like a long time ago.

With the advent of minimalism and other recent gardening styles, the popularity of English garden landscaping had declined a little bit. Most of today's gardens that still use this design of landscaping are affected with a smattering of Chinese garden style, making it less distinct than the original design.

But without a doubt, English garden landscaping remains one of the most famous and influential garden designs in the world.