You Really Want A Baby Boy or A Baby Girl

Society has such strong opinions as to what gender baby you should have. In most cultures a boy is highly revered because it carries on the family name. In other cultures a girl is more of a gift because of their helpful abilities and "lobola" possibilities presented when they get married. Consequently, so much pressure is put on women to birth either a boy or a girl, depending on cultural stigma. Many women resort to extreme measures to get the desired result.

No matter what you try, the gender of the baby is certainly a result of chance. It could go either way, male or female. It is interesting to note that it is the male sperm that determinates the gender of the baby. The male carries both the X and Y chromosomes which are the female and male chromosomes, whereas the female only carries the X chromosomes which are the female chromosomes. The female body has no control over this process; it is purely the sperm cell that fertilizes the egg which determinates the gender.

There are so many old wives tales that give women false information about how she can influence the gender of the baby. Many of these tales involve certain eating fruits or vegetables, while others refer to taking certain supplements and others to tell you what type of actions you should take. In reality, none of these tales will have any influence on the gender of the baby.

There have been certain advances in medical technology that are able to affect the gender of the baby, but these trials are not accepted by many institutions across the world. In most countries gender manipulation is illegal and can not be practiced. If you consider undergoing IVF fertility treatments and you think that this might be your chance to get what you want, you would be wrong. The fertility doctor will advise you that the purpose of IVF is only to fertilize the egg and to implant it in the uterus. Any type of gene manipulation is not allowed and is illegal in most countries. IVF is a treatment that can help certain infertile couples with conceiving a child if they were not able to do so naturally. It is a method that has been advanced in the medical field to help couples with creating their own family. Considering all that such couples go through, they are hugely appreciative of receiving either a boy or a girl.

Do not let society and culture make you feel inadequate about the baby's gender. Enjoy the little one and love them all the same.