Magic Coin Tricks

Coin tricks are excellent for beginners in the magicians world. There are many advanced coin tricks as well, but coin magic is well suited for learning the concepts of deception and illusion that magic performances entail. It is also very popular because it is very visual and is a close-up style of magic.

While many experts perform crazy tricks on stage, you can easily learn street coin magic and amaze your friends and family. Coin type magic is perfect for parties and social events of all types and is also a favorite among children.

If you are considering studying magic tricks or thinking of becoming a magician, give coin magic a look before you delve into the defect, more advanced routines. Coin magic requires dexterity, but generally less than card magic for example. Consider watching "behind the scenes" style videos that show you not just how to perform coin tricks , but how to present the trick. This is called "patter". Magicians use patter to add depth to the illusion, and sometimes to create distraction while they perform their "secret moves". Store bought coin tricks are usually fairly cheap as well because coins are small and have low shipping costs.

There are also many tricks that do not require a "special coin", that can be performed impromptu with any coin that a subject hands you. These are especially mind blowing tricks because it eliminates the "trick coin" claim for your magical effects.

Best of luck to all of you and your magical performances!