Sexy Stripper Shoes For That Undeniably Sexy Look!

Girls who like to look sexy have a fetish for high heel shoes. Stripper shoes are no longer considered only for the professional risque. They are among the hot choice of every girl. These shoes have their own magnificence, which makes them stand out among the rest of the other shoes. From formal to informal occasions, sexy footwear can be worn for almost any occasion.

Stripper shoes with their high heels make the legs look long and lean. The high heels give a sensuous shape to the body, eliminating every essential curve from hip to the toe. These shoe will make a woman feel sexier and confident. It also gives her a sensual and taller look. Even dancers prefer using these sexy shoe, as they make the feet appear small adding to the attraction.

These shoes are available in various kinds, ranging from sexy boots and knee high boots to Tip Jar and platform. Knee high boots are quite popular and come with buckles or with changeable ribbons. Even handmade stripper boots are available.

The length and make of the heel give a distinct style. There are several varieties of heels styles, which include wooden heels, cork heels, spike heels, and stiletto heels These heels add to the glam factor. High heel footwear start from 5 inches and may go up to 7 or 8 inches as well.

Some shoes are exclusively designed for the dancers. For instance in tip jar shoes provisions are given for slots wherein the tips can be accommodated while dancing.

From tip jar dancer to single sole shoes you'll find a variety of stripper shoes here. It would be incomprehensible to keep yourself from possessing one such sexy stripper.