Poverty in India

Poverty in India is a big problem now as it has ever been with well over 200 Million people living below the poverty line. A third of the global poor now reisde in India and the shocking statistics are highlighted by the huge disparity between the rich and poor. Bentlys and BMWs can be seen parked outside slums and a dying blind man can be seen on the steps on a million dollar building.

The phenomenal increase in the city populations is one of the main reasons for poverty in the urban areas of India. The massive and relatively recent increase is a result of major migration of rural families to cities. This migration is mainly caused by poor employment opportunities in villages and is exacerbated by the fact that there are few job opportunities in the cities as well.

If your expecting to travel to India then you will be in for a bit of a shock …

Out of the airport terminal you will be besieged by enthusiastic turbaned men desperate to carry your luggage to where you want to go, desperate to sell you their wares, desperate to show you the way, desperate to clean your shoes, desperate …. people missing limbs, women embracing babies signing that they are hungry, starving, dogs are everywhere scavenging for the last crumb but enduring kicks and curses and sometimes beatingings to swallow anything palatable.

… Welcome to the phenomenon known as .. India!

For more information on poverty in India including some of the more serious problems, different types of poverty, the slums and some possible solutions, follow the links below.