Nissan Livina Unveiled At Auto Shanghai 2007

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The Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has unveiled its new pride called the Livina at the 12th International Automobile & Manufacturing Technology Exhibition April 20. The 'anytime versatile' sedan from Dongfeng Nissan is now available for orders.

Ren Yong, the Vice President of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. and the Deputy Managing Director of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, earlier announced the price range of the Livina starting from RMB 79,800 to RMB 103,800.

Yong noted, "Livina, as a strategically important model, has redefined the concept of family car and business car. Livina bears strategic linkage as it endeavors to expand the price range of models offered by Dongfeng Nissan and to expand its customer base.

The Nissan Livina is especially designed to cater to the needs and demands of the young generation drivers and urban professionals who are burdened with business responsibilities but wanted to enjoy their private lives. The Livina sedan responds to a wide variety of demands for the urban professionals who work hard on weekdays and enjoy life with their families on weekends. The vehicle defines new standards within the passenger car sedan segment and marks a mileestone in the Japanese automaker's strategy to improve and diversify product lines.

The Nissan Livina is also engineered to play a key role in the automaker's global performance. It features cutting-edge Nissan parts to boost performance, appearance and ergonomics. The term "anytime versatile" is used to depict a perfect hybrid of family car and versatile business car. Nissan's pool of engineers has incorporated the essential merits of family cars like functionality and comfort into the virtues of multipurpose vehicles consist of safety and space.

The Livina is 4178 mm-long, 1690 mm-wide, and 1565 mm high and sits on a 2600 mm wheelbase. As such, the vehicle is made surprisingly distinct compared to most family cars that measure approximately less than 4000 mm in length. Also, its wheelbases are shorter than 2500 mm.

The Tokyo-based automaker also equipped its new pride with an extra-spacious luggage compartment, a roomy interior space, headroom, and seat height to make it convenient for passengers to get in and out of the vehicle. The higher back door opening angles further increase the effortlessness of using the spacious cargo area. To bolster its performance, the Livina is given the HR16 all-aluminum-alloy DOHC engine that is mated to either a 5MT or 4AT transmission. The engine is capable of producing a maximum torque of 150N / m. The car is also made more economical with low fuel consumption at 6.3L for 100km while running at 90km / h. Aside from this, the engine is manufactured to comply with the Euro IV Exhaust Emission Regulation standards.

The Livina does not fit into the usual auto segment as it combines different vehicle functions into one outstanding car. Livina does not fit into either the three-compartment or two-compartment auto categories, nor can it be defined as a "business-use" or "family-use" type of vehicle. It is one vehicle that blends the superb features that purchasers look for a car. The Livina's critical value is its versatility at any time. The new vehicle presents a spirited edge for Dongfeng Nissan and its recognized leadership.