Small Bathroom Vanities 101

Vanities are very useful fixtures in a small bathroom since these can provide you with the storage space you need without compromising overall area. You should know that there are different designs and options to choose from so you have to determine the aspects that make it perfect for your space. You may purchase a new one or remodel an existing model to save costs.

Vanities mainly function as a preparation area where you can see and groom yourself. The most common item it comes with is a mirror located above the cabinet. Mirrors come in various sizes but the most preferred would be one large enough for you to see your face and neck fully. Vanities also have a sink for washing, a countertop where you place bathroom items and other cosmetic products, lighting fixtures to illuminate what you see in the mirror as well as items stored in one or more cabinets below the sink. Some designs also include a medicine cabinet right behind the mirror.

Since you're working with a small bathroom, it is important that you choose the right vanity dimensions that allow you to store all your personal belongings. Some vanities feature more than one sink or several cabinets. Of course, these take up more space so you may have to settle for the single sink design and around 1 or 2 cabinets. Below the sink, you may also find a recessed area where a stool can be conveniently stored. You may choose to take out the stool completely and do your work standing up if you need more space. Bathroom vanities may also have fixed holders and racks where you can hang accessories and grooming items. Be sure to pick the right design with features that are able to support your bathroom activities and tasks.

The prices of vanities will depend on the materials used, design and features. More features and special additions will also correlate to an increase in price. You can find different styles to choose from on the internet or your local furniture shop. You also may be lucky enough to get bargain prices from flea shops and garage sales. Affordable models cost around $ 400 to $ 600 while high quality ones can range up to $ 4000.