Safer Sleep With Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag – Better Sleep For Your Baby

Babies sleep and average of 3000 hours in the first six months. With all that time spent sleeping the choice of baby sleepwear is more important than almost everything. There are a few things to consider when searching for the perfect sleep garment.

It is important that when baby is put to bed that it does not wake up prematurely. Allergy safe fabrics are a must. If the baby wakes with a rash, it is not only getting robbed of important sleep time, but it is going to wake up seriously unhappy. Of course comfort is a big deal. You will not only want a fabric that is cuddly soft but also non-irritating. Babies do not have the ability to regulate their own temperature as efficiently as older children and adults. This means that they get hotter and colder easier. It is important to find a fabric that helps in the temperature regulation process.

Safety is constantly on the mind of the new parent. Whether it be SIDS or fire safety it's imperative that your new baby spent its 3000 hours of sleeping in a safe garment and material. Ideally a baby should sleep in a fabric and garment that is safe, soft, allergy free, warm / temperature regulating, dry and practical.

The most practical and well rounded of baby sleep designs is the baby sleep bag by Merino Kids. The Merino Kids baby sleep sack uses merino fabric that ticks all of the important boxes around quality baby sleep. Using merino against baby skin is by far the supreme choice.

Pure unbleached merino wool is an inherently natural fiber and is safe to use for babies with allergies, eczema and sensitive skin. Merino is also a naturally fire resistant fabric so none of the irritating fire retardant additives commonly found in polyester baby clothes are needed. High quality merino is extremely soft and comfortable. Superfine merino is one-tenth the thickness of human hair and has a silk-like softness that is extremely gentle and comfortable against a bay's skin.

Superfine merino also checks the all important box of "temperature regulating". Since newborns can take up to a year to develop the ability to regulate temperature and just a few degrees can make them wake up cold or overheat, merino is a necessity. Really, only merino fabric has the ability to naturally regulate a baby's temperature. Merino captures and circulates air to isolate the baby when the temperature falls, and it releases excess moisture when the temperature increases. Merino creates a safe little micro-climate around the baby. Temperature regulation means more all-season versatility for baby comfort.

To add a layer of safety and versatility the Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag are designed as functional sleep sacks. Sleep sacks offer a few major features one being the reduction of SIDS. Babies sleeping in a natural merino fabric are less likely to overheat than babies sleeping in a polyester sleep sack. That's why the use of superfine merino is a must. Another major benefit of the baby sleep sack design is the sleep sacks inability to ride up over a baby's head.

Blankets in the crib have been known to end up over the baby's face when they wriggle and wiggle around during sleep. In fact, a recent international study showed that 25% of SIDS babies were found with their head covered. This statistic alone should be enough to grab a merino sleep sack asap.

It looks like if you want to check all the boxes and get a merino sleep sack then you would look no further than the Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag. Merino kids baby sleep sacks are made with the superfine temperature regulating merino, all-natural unbleached merino, naturally fire retardant without any additives, super soft at one-tenth the thickness of human hair, and the SIDS reducing benefits of sleep sack design.