Slim Is In!

Being overweight has become such a common problem in today's world. In fact, people of all ages are suffering from obesity. It's not just obesity. Many people across the world are getting very conscious about putting on weight or being obese, which is good. Of course everything bought to be, within limits. For instance, I was shocked the other day when I heard that a friend's 8 year old son was on a diet. Yes, 8 years old. His mom and dad wake him up every day at 5.30am to do his exercise. I think that's a bit extreme. Any my point is that Slim is In. it's not cool or rather it's very uncool to be fat. The slimmer you are, the better you look!

So is slimming very easy? Personally I think it is. According to me eating right is the first step towards getting healthy. Eat healthy and you will feel healthy. A lot of us nowdays are getting lazy, we'd rather grab our selves a pizza or a bag of chips than cook our selves a nice healthy meal and most of us skip our veggies. Veggies are so not appetizing. That is our biggest mistakes. We need to learn to say No to those bags of chips and the fast food joints at the corner of our streets. We need to get back to cooking, yes cooking a simple meal. You do not have to give up your meats but eat them in a limited amount. Make your self a healthy meal, on in which there is a considerable amount of vegetables. Try and skip the mash potato and fried potatoes. Go slow on the cheese and butter. Drink a lot of water. Just before you eat your meal drink two glasses of water, you will find that your appetite will be considered less. Do this for a month and I am sure you will find a difference. You will not just look better but feel better.

The next important step in making sure your not obese is exercise. Yes, I know you've heard it before but well you obviously need to hear it again since you are still in the search for something to help you slim down. I'm not telling you that you need to join a gym and work out 3hours a day, 7 days a week. What I am telling you, is to do a bit of exercise. Make it a habit to take the stairs instead of the lift while going up just a few floors. Do not let the maid or your children walk your dog. You take your dog for a walk. Try jogging with your dog. Before you get off of your bed in the mornings, do just five crunches. On the weekends, instead of watching TV, play some outdoor games with your kids. And even if you are watching Tv over the weekend, get rid of your remote. Lock it up. Get up and change the channel your self.

Just marinating a good diet and a wee bit of exercise every day should keep you healthy and fit. You will even find yourself shedding those extra pounds.