Mummy Sleeping Bag – Sleep Like a Pharaoh!

If you are going to be camping in extremely cold temperatures you are going to want a mummy sleeping bag. So called because of their design that narrows at either end making it look similar to an Egyptian mummy case. But this design is to help conserve heat and avoid the downfalls a normal bag can have, spots where the filling or fabric is too thin and lets in the cold.

The bottom narrows andvents heat loss through the feet and the top of the bag usually will feature a hood. With their design it keeps a camper covered from head to toe with just a small opening for the face. Like other typical bags, it will feature a zipper to make it easy to enter and exit the bag.

A mummy sleeping bag will usually be made from water resistant materials so that you will stay dry. You can just imagine how cold you would get if your bedding got wet and that moisture soaked into the interior of the bag. The stuffing used in this type will usually be quilted so that it will stay in place and not settle in clumps.

Because of the fillings used a mummy sleeping bag may require special laundering techniques. If you purchase one please follow the care directions. The wrong laundry could have a nice, warm bag. You can also find sleeping bag liners that are easily launderred and are helpful for those that like to keep their bedding sanitary.

Most of the mummy sleeping bags are highly compressible so that it can be packed into a small small sack leaving the camper room for other camping gear and provisions.

As in all purchases of camping gear – think before you purchase so that you know you are getting the bag that fits your needs.