Causes Of Cat Health Older Problem Dilemmas

Elderly cat health problem arise as the cat grows towards the age of ten years. These precious and lovable animals give as much love as you give them. If the cat health is due to an older problem or elderly age, the cat may need some special care in order to overcome some of these problems. As cats get older they need the proper diet and proper medical care in order to live even longer. Many things contribute to the health of elderly cat, but with the proper care, they can live a happy life up to sixteen or seventeen years old.

Feline Health and the Problems of Aging

Cat health changes as the cat ages and the body seems to undergo changes just as a person does. Elderly cats seem a bit more laid back and seem to sleep quite a bit more than they did when they were younger. Because they become lazy so to speak as they grow older, their muscles seem to get tired and unconditioned making the ordinary movements in a day hard to do. Jumping, walking and running may slow down or become eliminate to just jumping to find a place to sleep.

Some cats lose their sense of taste and smell causing them to eat less and therefore, lose some weight. The teeth deteriorate and this makes eating very hard for the elderly cat to keep in good health. The cat health older problem of water intake concerns owners, as the cat seems to drink less and urine less often. All of this goes along with aging and cat health.

Practice Good Cat Health Care

Older cats need to have regular check ups with a vet every year to ensure they stay in top health. You need to change you cat’s diet as the cat gets older to ensure the cat maintains a healthy and fit body. Veterinary clinic’s help keep your elderly cat health problem minimal with blood tests and checking the kidney’s and the other vital organs. Although not all cats need these tests, healthy cats may not need these tests done because they have had a long and healthy life.

How to Feed the Elderly Cat

Talking about cat health older problems and the right food and nutrition needs falls under the term elderly care. If your cat does not receive the proper food and nutrition, they may have problems with their health. Some cats grow up on dry cat food, but as they get older, they need soft cat food in order to maintain their strength. The teeth tend to become brittle and break, as the cat gets older.

Once you see the signs your cat health older problems exist, you can start changing the way you feed your cat and the way you respond to their everyday needs. They may want to be picked up more or placed in a favorite spot instead of doing it themselves. Elderly cats need a little more care then a younger cat, but that is how all older people as well as cats deserve to be treated.