Monster Hunter Freedom Unite – What Do You Get From DLC?

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The best monster hunter on a portable gaming console has been getting better from time to time. The Downloadable content is free of charge and can change the way you hunt for basic items and give you a better gaming experience.

You can get 3 types of content from it namely; bonus content, additional challenges, additional boss battles.

The DLC from Capcom can be easily obtained through any open Wi-fi hotspots. The game updates can be quite numerous especially on the additional battles and is downloaded one by one.

From the bonus content, you can get additional colored chefs to use in your kitchen. I have seen red and orange ones and I’m sure there are more. There is also a bonus dragon type element attack for your felyn comrades. A new samurai costume for them too. You can also get to have trenya for free ASAP. There is also the best bonus content; the additional items sold by the old lady i.e. Raw meat, kelbi horns, flashbugs and others.

Additional challenge battles are also downloadable for you to enjoy. The added boss battles are also a great plus to extend the longevity of the game. The update menu has tons of custom battles for you to download. And from time to time, the bonus content is continually growing to give you more out of your handheld version of the Monster Hunter series.

You can now have more time hunting bosses rather than scrounging for basic items to be used in quests. We all know that raw meat is tedious to hunt; kelbi horns are difficult too as well as others.