Make Beats on the Computer


If you want to know how to make beats on the computer, then this article will show you how.

One of the most rewarding efforts you can undertake is making music. And now you can make beats on the computer. No need to wait until you can rent an expensive studio, your PC will suffice. With practice you'll soon be able to produce the beauty that exists only in YOUR head.

To make beats on the computer, you're going to need 'samples'. Your audio-editing program is a good source for these. Open this program and import some mp3 files and you're on the right track.

Make yourself what they call a 'Bank' or 'soundbank' of the samples you are going to use. This should be samples of different elements of the music you wish to produce. They should be organized in a way that makes it easy to implement them while working.

Download yourself a sequencer. Look inside yourself and hear the beat of the song you want to produce. But make sure you get the beat you want before you loop it. Once you have tempo and a drum groove, then lay your bass line over that. Be sure and pick one that will be good compliment of your drum groove so they are catchy to listen to.

Now add the kind of other instruments that are playing in the song in your head. Experiment with different ones. Be as creative as you want. This song is definitely you, so get crazy with it and find the real you – you really can make beats on the computer, and it's easier than you think!