How to Remove Autorun Virus From Your Flash Drives and Any Hard Disk Drives

Have you at one time or the other used your flash drive in someone else computer and try to use it on your own computer and you discover that when you click on your drive to open, it opens in a new window?
Do you always see a notepad file with the name BOOTEX.LOG inside your flash drive?

This is a sign that you have autorun virus in your flash drive. Autorun virus is transferred through flash and storage disk from an infected computer to a none infected one. When an infected flash drive is inserted into a none infected computer the virus uses autorun.inf to execute the virus on the system. The virus is always resident in the root directory of the flash drive and other storage devices. It has file extensions like .bat, .exe, .com, .BKK, and file name like autorun.inf,, etc.

Sometimes even when you scan your computer, some antivirus does not remove it.
To remove this autorun virus from your flash drive or any other drive, you have to check if your flash has autorun virus or any root directory virus.

To check your flash drive, click start in your task bar, click run, inside the dialog box type cmd when the command prompt opens, change to your flash drive directory. To change to your flash directory type you drive location and semi column (eg K 🙂 and press enter. Then type dir / ah (ie dir space forward slash ah) this will display all the files in the root directory of the flash. If there is no virus it will some thing like the screen short below or it will write file not found. If you see any file with .com, .exe, .bkk, .inf, .exe extension on the flash drive. That means you have a virus in the flash. To delete the virus Type del / ah / f (ie del space forward slash ah space forward slash f) followed by the file name and press enter to delete the virus

Like the screen short above I know that BOOT.BKK is a virus in my hard drive I will type del / ah / f BOOT.BKK to delete it. if i had more virus on my drive i will delete them one by one until there is none left.
Note: you have to type the name of the virus the way you see it because it is case sensitive.
After you have removed the files, type dir / ah to confirm if the virus has been removed.

If you followed through and took the steps as I have outlined then you will not see the virus files again that means that the virus has been removed. To remove autorun virus from your hard drives, follow the same procedure above to remove the virus. Then restart your computer and the virus is gone.