Internet Antivirus Pro Removal – 3 Top Ways to Protect Your Computer From Trojan Virus Instantly

Internet Antivirus Pro may sound like an anti virus application but in reality it is a virus in disguise! It is best that you go for Internet Antivirus Pro removal once you get to know that your system is infected with this malware. Are you wondering how you will know if you have been attacked by this virus? Here are the tell- tale signs including random / sudden changes in your browser's settings, pop-up screens for advertisements, auto connection to internet etc.

This virus resides in the background and could bring down the performance of your computer drastically. It typically spreads through emails and also by enticing people with online advertisements claiming to be useful software.

Therefore you should try for a quick and easy method for Internet Antivirus Pro removal. This can be achieved using a dependable and secure spyware removal software application which is designed to scan, detect and eliminate malicious content. With this sort of tool even a novice user is able to carry out a virus cleaning operation effectively.

Because the Internet Antivirus Pro seems to be an ant-virus many naïve users are tempted to download this. Once it comes into a system it displays messages to alert users about non persistent security threats. Users who believe this and panic actually order the full version of this virus thinking it is a good anti virus program! Thus this online fraud is being carried out trapping thousands of users.

But here are three top ways to achieve the Internet Antivirus Pro removal manually:

o Deleting files
o Killing processes
o Cleaning up the registry

1. Files and even folders are created when this virus enters your system. Typically folders are created under Program Files and Documents and Settings folders – like Internet Antivirus and IA. You will need to find these and do a delete. Similar files like IA.exe, InternetAntivirus.exe, some log files, initializing files and link files are also created and you should be able to destroy these.

2. Processes can be found under taskmgr which can be reached by pressing ctrl-alt-del or start-> run and then typing taskmgr. Processes related to the internet antivirus should be killed instantly.

3. Registry values ​​associated with this malware need to be deleted using the regedit command at the Run dialog box mentioned above.

If you feel that the manual ways for Internet Antivirus Pro removal are too tough to implement you can satisfy your requirement for good spyware removal software by clicking on the link mentioned here.