Age of Empires Online – New Game


Players that have not had the experience of the earlier versions of the game may find it difficult understanding why making age of empires online is going to upset many old players. This game was first developed over 13 years ago, and that same version is being played today by its biggest fans.

The game that good and very well made is about to take a down turn according to the fans. I think one of the biggest reasons this game has lasted so long is that it almost but brings the toys of many boys and some girls to life. Being able to move and control a whole army and individual soldiers, make them move across the map and chop and hack at will captures the child hood imagination bringing the game of toy soldiers to life.

The graphics of Age of Empires not the online version are great, their attention to detail manages to capture the finer details of the ancient soldier's armour, it glitters and shines as it should. Whether it is a bow man pulling the strings of his bow, a foot solider marching across the map and drawing his sword ready for battle or the pike men swift in their defense with their pikes as they defend off the approaching horses the graphics of this game and the game play many people think just right.

Age of Empires Online If you have watched the first released video of this soon to be online game product you may think the same as I, it looks set to be an awesome game, I have to admit a lot of thought in changing the game while keeping it looking as much as possible like the originals has gone into it.

The biggest noticeable change and the one that has already begun to upset many of the old school fans of the game are the dramatic change in how the graphics are delivered. A Complete revamp has age of empires online looking like a Cartoon, which I personally think is really great move with regards to marketing and especially new customers yet to become a follower of this great series of Games.

I am pretty sure when the developers were designing their idea for game their main priority was to be able to grab as wide as an audience as they possibly can, the starting to dwindle fans of this game would not be enough to make it as much as a success as is possible.

It defiantly can not be the addition to carry on the series the long awaited 4th addition by many of the fans, but after watching the demo and signing up for the beta version I know it will not be long before this game is one of the largest hits in the gaming world.

Some elements of the age of empires online game you will understand and maybe come across already by playing other big games online. Players will be able to start the game by building up their town and community, but quite unlike the others when you have had enough and close the game down your town and resources will continue to grow.

There are way way in game options to learn such as managing advisor's which in turn will give your nation more collection of resources and power overall. As you branch out and explore the map you will find there are treasure discoveries to be made and will also aid your nation and individual armies and men.

I find the graphics great I would not call it an improvement so much as a development as I felt like I was controlling Cartoon War Soldiers the armour does not glitter like the previous versions but looks awesome all the same. You will find despite still classed as a real time strategy game something speeded up and slowed down in the way the game is played, still more than reasonable.

If you are one of the hardened old school players give age of empires online a chance you will see that it carries the same greatness and a whole lot more as the game and map goes world wide.