Teaching With Toy Chests

Teaching kids to keep their rooms tidy is made easy with a toy chest. The beautiful wooden chests come in attractive designs and colors. They will love it and you will thank your lucky stars for it.

Teaching the kids to keep house

Clutter drives moms crazy. Day in and day out, mommies have to remind the kids to clear the mess. Toys on the floor, beds, and everywhere are eyesores moms have to live with, and clearing the mess everyday can tire even the hardiest of mommies. Life will be easier with a toy chest and a bookcase for the unsung heroes of the home.

Children should be trained and disciplined to keep their rooms neat. Start them young to become responsible adults. They can start making their beds and putting things in their proper places – books on the shelves, clothes in the closet, and toys in the toy chest. These light tasks are appropriate for children at least 4 years of age. Of course, do not expect their work to be perfect, but with time, they will be able to get the hang of it.

Teaching them basics

Placing their dolls, cars, and tiny tea sets in the toy chest will be the easiest job they can do. At the start, they will just toss their toys into the chest. Later on, you can show them that it is smarter to arrange things inside the toy chest. Explain to them that being organized has its rewards.

They can find the transformer or the rag doll at once, if things are arranged inside the toy chest. You can show them how to put their books properly on the bookshelf and check on them if they are following your instructions to the letter. Teaching them these responsibilities will train them for life and they will thank you for it.

Lead by example

Show the kids how you keep your room neat and clean and how nice it is to come home to a clean house. You can demonstrate how you sort out your vanity table, books, and craft basket.

To make the training fun, you can let the kids help you around the house too. Give them the responsibility of watering the potted plants and feeding the dog. The older children should be given responsibilities they can handle. Never assign kids tasks their little bodies can not handle, and be patient with them. Nagging them all the time will not give the desired results. If little Mickey has done a good job, then praise him lavishly. Do not relax your discipline, however. Let the kids know you mean business.

Make their jobs fun

Come up with fun activities that they enjoy outdoors while they pick up the litter. Why do not you prepare their favorite sandwiches and cold drinks and surprise them with a hearty snack when their chores are done?

Providing the appropriate storage facilities will get the kids' cooperation. Organizers just as tall as them or a big toy chest can make their work manageable. Kid-sized furniture and storage bins in bright colors and playful designs will get the kids going. You can let the child choose his or her toy chest for starters. Teaching the kids house chores will also strengthen your bonding. That is why you should make work also fun.