Best Sexual Position for Deep Penetration & Ultimate Satisfaction

In our series of best sexual positions we have presented various positions for a number of conditions and circumstances.

This article gives the absolutely best sexual position for those couples who wish the deepest penetration possible.

About Deep Penetration

The truth is a woman's anatomy (as is concerned with her uterus) is able to change shape depending on her position during the sexual act.

Some women are very interested in having as deep a penetration as possible (all the way to the cervix), and even if a man has a sufficient long penis, the position assumed may not allow a deep enough penetration.

The Crab on Its Back

This position is the absolute best for deep penetration.

It is a man-on-top position, and it allows a great deal of facial contact of the partners.
It also gives the man the ability to thrust in robust manner, and the woman to return the thrusting with her own alternating movement.

The position is called the Crab on Its Back, and comes to us from both the Kama Sutra and the Arab classic, The Perfumed Garden.

How to Assume the Crab on Its Back Position

The woman will lie on her back on the bed, with her upper body only, and her buttocks placed near the edge of the bed, at the bottom corner.

Her legs are held open by the natural angle of the bed's edge, and her legs hanging over the bed with her feet on the floor.

The man stands or bends over her, and easily penetrates her. At this time, the woman bends her knee backwards towards her breast, and resembles a crab on its back.

The man is supporting himself with his hands, but his torso and the woman's are generally in very close contact.

The woman's torso is pinned down, but she is free to move pelvicly, and should do so as the man starts thrusting.

The man himself can have either or one leg on the floor to support himself, whatever is comfortable.

The woman can pull her legs back further to allow the deepest penetration, and the man should be careful in his thrusting not to cause pain. The woman can rest one or both of her calves on the man's shoulders.

The couple should move in a coordinated movement of thrust and repel for as long as possible. This will almost confirm a synchronized orgasm if done correctly.

This position allows for maximum penetration and can be used by couples where the man may have only an average sized penis.

In this way, as the woman raises her hips off the bed, the man's penis is fully penetrated, and to a maximum extent, the actual size of the man's penis is not too important, as penetration is at a very deep level

Maximizing the Orgasm

In this position the orgasm will come to the woman with deep and intense spasm and contractions.

It is highly recommended that the man not missing during his orgasm, but continue to thrust during the woman (or they both) come to deeply satisfing conclusion.

The Crab on Its Back is absolutely the best sexual position for the deepest penetration possible.