How to Get Over Being Dumped and Turn the Tables on Your Ex

It's a minefield ahead.

The road you have to take in search of the answer to the question – "How to get over being dumped?" and how to get your ex back is filled with lots of chances to go wrong … FATALLY wrong!

That's why it's not surprising why a lot of guys who just came out of a breakup get themselves hurt and crushed even more, and worse … they can often blow their chances of getting their ex back fast.

Believe it or not, much of the mainstream advice on how to move on and get back together with your ex is not effective, and much of the stuff that actually works is counter-intuitive that only a useful know about.

I should know … because if it was not for these counter-intuitive realizations, I would not be enjoying an 11-year old loving marriage.

So, what are these steps on how to get over being dumped?

Read on.

How To Get Over Being Dumped And Start Getting Your Ex Back Step 1

Do NOT … I repeat, do NOT contact your ex yet.

Wait for about a month or so. During the first weeks after the break up, the two of you are at a high point emotionally speaking. Regret, anger, pain, etc. are filling the both of you.

What happens when two angry, in-pain, and frustrated individuals talk? It's going to be an exchange of bitter and sour words, believe me.

How To Get Over Being Dumped And Start Getting Your Ex Back Step 2

Do not be desperate, clingy, needy, etc. That will only drive your ex to run for the hills … never to return again.

Forget about …

– Bombarding them with text messages – Stalking them – Sending bouquets of flowers – Calling them 1000 times a day

Remember, nobody wants a clingy and needy person in his or her life. Instead, check out the next step …

How To Get Over Being Dumped And Start Getting Your Ex Back Step 3

Work on yourself. Change for the better. Forget about trying to change your ex's mind as you do not have control over what he or she thinks, but you do have 100% of what you think and do.

And one good way to do it is – date someone else! Dating someone else has a lot of benefits to it – it raises your value in the eyes of the opposite sex, gets your mind away from the break up, and it gives you the confidence boost that you need most.