Bluetooth Headphones Review: Sony DRBT101-WQ Stereo Bluetooth Headset

If you are looking for Bluetooth headphones that perfectly fuse wireless mobility and stereo quality for voice calls, the Sony DRBT101/WQ Stereo Bluetooth Headset is worth looking into. That is, if you won’t mind wearing an over-the-head set.

There are several headband-type (also known as over-the-head type) of Bluetooth headphones on the market today. You can easily recognize them because their earpieces are joined by a headband, which goes over your head. That’s how the headset stays in place. The earpieces cover your ears, thus keeping the sound in. The Sony DRBT101/WQ Stereo Bluetooth Headset is such a headphone, and more.

Wireless mobility and convenience are where the Sony DRBT101/WQ actually stands out from among the other Bluetooth headsets of its kind. Using Bluetooth’s multipoint capability, the unit can bond or pair with several Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Thus, you won’t need to unpair your movie player when a call comes in through your mobile phone. More than this, the unit has a wide range of support and compatibility for many Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, iPod Touch, iMac, and MacBook Pro. It even works flawlessly with Skype.

A lot of people actually prefer the techie look of a headband-style Bluetooth headphone, but when they experience the features of the Sony DRBT101/WQ, they often shop no further. Although the stereo sound quality has been often described as lacking for the audiophile’s discriminating ear, this device provides adequate quality overall sound with good bass levels. Often, this can be sufficient for everyday use.

This model is designed for use as a headband earphone, so it may not be a great choice for use when you need to make rigorous physical movements. For example, you can try to use it at the gym or while you are jogging around town, but expect it to slip off your head at some point. Headband sets just are not designed for such kinds of usage. And, neither will the Sony DRBT101/WQ even attempt to satisfy you in that area.

Another important feature that makes this model worth its price is the longevity of its battery power. Most Bluetooth headsets will give you only a few hours of talk or play time. Yet, the Sony DRBT101/WQ can provide you with battery power that can last, on the average, up to two days. This simply means less frequent recharge cycles for the battery.

In sum, the Sony DRBT101/WQ Stereo Bluetooth Headset is a great choice if you are looking for Bluetooth headphones that combine convenience, decent sound quality, and reasonable price.