How to Make a Man Orgasm From Oral Sex – The Sexiest Fellatio Techniques to Make Him Climax Tonight

The whole point of giving your man oral sex is to make him have an orgasm at the end of it. You want to be able to give him pleasure so amazing that he can’t contain himself and that he does have one of the most powerful orgasms of his life. It’s time that you learned how to do just that.

You want to learn some fellatio techniques that will assist you in making a man orgasm from oral sex. You want to learn the hottest oral sex tips that will literally blow him away in the bedroom tonight. If you want to be the best he’s ever had, then you must read on.

One of the sexiest things to do to him during oral sex is to make noise. Awkward silence sure is a buzz killer, especially when you are going down on him. Even though he doesn’t expect you to start screaming his name, making some sounds can certainly help. Not only does it allow him to know that you are enjoying yourself but it also helps him to get more aroused. Once he knows that you are enjoying it, he can forget about the guilt and actually enjoy the moment. Plus, making these little moans sends vibrations from your mouth to his member and all throughout his body.

Another super sexy fellatio technique that will make a man orgasm from oral sex is to make eye contact with him. With your hand wrapped around the shaft, and the tip of his member in your mouth, flash him a sexy look. Guaranteed this will be an image that will help him to achieve climax much faster. Also, this will be an image that he will want engraved in his memory for a long time to come.

If you really want to make him orgasm from oral, then you need to master the sexiest fellatio technique of them all, and that is to deepthroat him. Allowing all of him into your mouth and to explore the deepest region of your mouth and throat is so sexy. He gets extreme pleasure and satisfaction from it. This is pleasure that cannot be recreated from anything else. This is a stand-alone and you need to master it if you really want to drive him wild.

Use these fellatio tips and techniques on your man tonight if you really want to drive him wild and to blow his mind. You can give him a powerful orgasm and it is time that you did this tonight.