How to Please a Woman Sexually

One of the most confusing and complicating issues that a guy would face would definitely be finding out what their women want sexually and how to please them sexually. While some men actually easily know how to sexually please their spouses, there are still a large group of men out there that find it to be a daunting task.

You can find two women who seem to be peas from a pod but when it comes to sexual likings, they can have totally different views on it. Yet we must understand that knowing how to please a woman sexually not only improves your relationship with her, you also will be able to share this special connection with your spouse.

Firstly, you have to understand and believe it when we say that women enjoy sex just as much as men. While most women do not actually really express their desire for sex, as men you should learn to nurture these feelings of the woman and help them satisfy their hidden sexual desires. Only after understanding this will you go all out to ensure that you please your spouse sexually each time you have intercourse with her.

Here are some tips that you can note on how to please your woman sexually.

1. Ask her about how your performance in bed is and how you can improve on it. You will be surprised that some women are actually very open about their sexual desires. Do not just restrict such conversation in the bedroom, some women actually feel confined and boxed in while in the bedroom and are not willing to open up to talk about it until when they are out of it.

2. Have mutual understanding and trust. You have to give the impression that you are very willing to try whatever your spouse asks you to do. Developing that deep trust between the both of you will enable you both to try different sexual positions you have never tried before and who knows, your spouse may be extremely pleased with it.

3. One of the most frustrating issues women face on the bed is when the man tries to help her masturbate to her pleasure, he does it wrongly! Not only is it a turn off, it would kind of make the woman lose the sexual desire and unexpectedly you will not enjoy your time together in bed. Watch how she pleasures herself and adopt the same way she does it and brings her to an orgasm. Learning how she likes it to be done not only helps heighten the sexual pleasure but also helps bring her to an orgasm faster.

4. Learn to communicate in bed; many a times, when you are in the heat of the moment you lose sense of your surroundings, especially on how your partner is feeling. So you may be feeling euphoric but on the contrary, your partner is feeling hell. Have a 'code' or special words that you can inform your partner when to go harder and faster or when to stop. It is very useful when you are trying new positions too in the case where either one of you starts to feel uncomfortable.

These are some basic tips to help you please your spouse even more. Remember, it takes two hands to clap and you are not the only person who wants to be pleasured in sex. Your partner is a human being too and only by pleasing both yourself and your partner, will you be able to have a good time together.