Boring Beauty Bust – What To Do If You're In A Beauty Rut

When was the last time you changed the way you do makeup or style your hair? The old adage "if it is not broken do not fix it," may work for a lot of things, but your style is not always one of them. Many of us get into a beauty rut and find that the years go by but our style, for better or worse, stays the same. While it's good to know what works for you and what does not, it's not a good idea to rely on those things day in and day out for ten, twenty, or even thirty years. Here are some great questions to ask yourself to find out if you're stuck in a beauty rut and what to do if you are.

Are you in a rut?

  • What does your makeup bag look like? If the only change to your makeup bag has been to the bag itself, you may be in a beauty rut. Go ahead and look through that bag. Does it look the same way it looked five, ten, or twenty years ago? Even though you replenish and replace your makeup bag items (If you're not doing this regularly you need to start. color, and form of makeup.
  • Is there a difference between your going out makeup and your everyday makeup?
  • There should be clear differences between the makeup you wear when you go to work and the makeup you wear when you go out for the evening or to a formal event. Even though you may be comfortable in your everyday makeup, formal occasions or dates require something a little different. You should have at least two or three items in your makeup bag that are designated to formal occasions, events, or dates.

  • If you look through your old photo albums, can you pick out variations in your style and appearance? Your hair and makeup should grow and mature with you. If you can look at pictures of you over the years and find very little if any difference in your hair and makeup, then chances are you're in need of change.
  • Does your stylist know EXACTLY how to cut your hair? If you can walk into your favorite salon, sit in the chair, and not say words then you're probably in need of some change. It's great to know what kind of styles look great on you, but the key to keeping things interesting is finding variations of those styles.

If you answered yes to those questions, you may want to consider taking a few easy steps to get out of that beauty rut and put a little excitation back into your life.

How to Get Out of the Rut:

  • Check out the Makeup Counter: Most department store makeup counters will give you free consultations in hopes of selling you their products. Choose a makeup company that you feel comfortable with and ask them if they can give you a consultation. The makeup artist who practices consultation should be able to tell you what colors look best on you; help you learn new makeup application techniques, and as tell you what works best with your skin type. Use this new info and practice at home with similar makeup shades, textures, and application methods.
  • Change Your Makeup Routine: Do not feel you need to overhaul your entire makeup regime, just pick a few different variations that can change your day make up to evening makeup and your everyday makeup to special occasion makeup. Generally speaking, this does not have to cost you a fortune. Eye liner can make a huge difference as can adding some gloss to your lips or replacing gloss with lipstick. Choose items that can create variations by wearing them alone or by layering them with your current makeup.
  • Get A Hair Cut: Something as simple as a few highlights or the addition of layers to your hair can create a whole new look. Flip through some fashion magazines, ask your friends and family, or consult with your hairdresser for styling ideas. If you're a little nervous about making major changes, consider making the changes in steps. Get a haircut one week and then get a few highlights put in a week or two later. You may feel uncomfortable making changes, so take baby steps until you're ready to leap.