How To Make a Yoda Costume


Halloween is approaching once again, so its time to pull out those costume for the big day and go trick or treating. Many have a difficult time in choosing the right costume, for the day as there are so many characters that you can chose from. Choosing the right one, is important for many as they represent what movie or character they have come to enjoy throughout the modern times. The Yoda costume, seems to be the popular choice for many, because of the crazy fan fair that surrounds the Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars, is one of those movies that has stretched many generations since its first release in the 70s, and fans can’t get enough of it as the movie franchise still keeps going and is still staying strong. Which is why when it comes to Halloween, many lovers of this day choose to wear something from that franchise because of its rich history and the many beloved characters in this SI-FI genre. The Yoda costume, is one that many like to choose because of the character significance to the film. This character is known as one of the legendary Jedi Masters to come out from the Order. There are many different variations of the costumes to chose from that can make you look like the original or something close to it. Depending on your budget this costume can become a little pricey with all its attachments and accessories that this costume has to offer. This costume should range in sizes for both adults and children, so that everyone can enjoy the thrill of becoming the Jedi for one night. You can either buy the costume, if you can afford it or you can make it yourself, the choice is yours.

Why not, make the costume, of one of the colorful characters of the Star Wars franchise. To make this costume, should be easy in some parts and require little sewing on your part, and can be inexpensive too.

First you should cut the ears, you can do this by cutting at the point of the elbow of a sweatshirt. Then you should take each of the sleeves and create a triangle shape to look like the large ears. Cut fours pairs and then match them up.

Then cut cardboard to put in the middle of each of the ears. Glue or sew the ears together, with the cardboard inside, and sew them into the green hood on either side. Having the cardboard in the ears should keep them sturdy, so that they can stand out. Then create a cloak. Cut out material that resembles how the cloak looks and sew it together. Then cut out the arms, which need to be a bit bigger than your own arms, and then sew them together. After that you will need to sew them to the cloak. Paint is needed to paint the face green, to help with the look.

You can either paint the hands or cover them with gloves in the color green as well. Depending on the weather the gloves maybe the right choice. Finally, all you need is a walking stick to complete the look, as this costume would not be complete without it. Make sure the stick is lightweight, as you will be carrying it around with you for most of the night. You can use a branch and mold it into a walking stick of your choice.

So, there is no reason why choosing the Yoda costume, would not be the right choice for you as it can be inexpensive and easy to make by hand.