Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool – Is There One?

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If you are looking for a Google redirect virus removal tool then I'm sorry to say that at this time there is no such thing. There is however a combination of tools that you can use together to get rid of the problem.

One is called ComboFix and there is also Hijack this, and there may be others that you need to use together depending on what problems your computer may be having. These are all very small file downloads and they are free, but they are designed to do specific jobs in the process of removing the redirect virus.

Because you can really mess up your computer if you do not know what you're doing, I highly recommend that you go to a forum of experts who work with people to clear up their computer issues.

They will be very specific with their instructions and its important that you follow them to a T. The details are not hard to follow, but does not involve a lot of hard work, because you have to be patient in isolating the specific problem.

You will also do some registry editing, which means that if you delete the wrong DLL file your computer could suffer the consequences. That's why its important that you post your log files so that they can easily spot what should be there, and what should not.

In my personal experience I have used programs such as Malwarebytes anti-malware alongside a virus protection program. Though these are excellent choices, and you will no doubt end up using the free version of Malewarebytes to clean up files later, it does not take care of the root of the problem in most cases.

The best way to remove a problem like the redirect virus is in safe mode, but again – you need the help of an expert to be able to do this.

Can the redirect virus be removed?

Yes – I had the same problem and although it took me a little while to figure out what was going on, I was able to resolve the issue like many other people.

Spybot and Malwarebytes are two excellent anti-malware programs which work wonders, but they never seem to detect this particular virus.

That is why I suggest that you locate a step-by-step source which will guide you through the process of removing this trojan, but also remember to read through the steps very carefully as not to make any mistakes.