Sorcerer’s Apprentice is Costume Magic

Recently opening in theaters around the country, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a live action, comedy-adventure starring Nicholas Cage in the role of master sorcerer (and student of Merlin), Balthazar Blake. Loosely premised on the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” part of Disney’s animated Fantasia, this film puts a modern-day spell of magic for movie-goer’s to enjoy. If you give a thumbs-up to this film that just debuted last weekend, you may even like dressing up in a Sorcerer’s Apprentice costume this year for Halloween.

Cage’s character, Balthazar Blake, is charged with protecting modern-day Manhattan from the wicked wizard, Maxim Horvath. The despicable Horvath recruits the assistance of an illusionist to help him execute his nefarious plans upon New York City. However, the Sorcerer Blake and his newly-trained apprentice take on the antagonists for a classic and entertaining good versus evil showdown.

Balthazar’s sorcerer costume is more contemporary that the stereotypical image of a magic-making wizard. Wearing black trousers, a dark shirt and a waistcoat (vest) in black with a very fine pin stripe, Balthazar often seen covering up his garb with a long, duster-style trench coat crafted in black leather. In some scenes, Cage’s character is also sporting a fedora hat with his shoulder length, wavy hair – if you don’t have brown hair, wear a wig!

Arch-nemesis, Maxim Horvath, also wears a dark costume covered with a black overcoat. The villain is also shown carrying about a walking cane and wears a close-groomed goatee-mustache combo. Dress up as other characters in the movie such as the sorcerer’s apprentice, Dave Stutler, a seemingly average guy wearing a plaid shirt, old jeans and a red zippered hoodie – now that’s a no-brainer, magic costume! For the women, the sorceress costume can be created with a long, gauzy dress and a straight, brunette wig and the apprentice’s love interest, Becky, is an all-American looking blonde.

Or go retro in an old-school Sorcerer’s Apprentice costume. America’s favorite animated rodent, Mickey Mouse played the role of sorcerer’s apprentice in Disney’s Fantasia! andhis Mickey Mouse costume features a long red, velvety robe tied with a golden cord, Mickey ears attached to a purple wizard’s hat, white cartoon gloves and a wand.