Mobile Marketing 101 – A Guide to Internet Marketing on Smartphones

Mobile marketing is easily the fastest growing way to make money through promoting online offers. Whereas most of the most profitable niches have already been tapped out in the major search engines, internet marketing on smartphones is relatively untouched. This means a lot of opportunity for anyone looking to make money with smartphone advertisements.

The first step in building a profitable smartphone ad campaign is choosing the right offer. You can promote almost anything that you would use traditional search engine methods for, like cost-per-action offers and commission-based sales pages. Ultimately, you should choose something that will be of interest to a mobile phone user and easy for them to complete.

The next thing to do when planning out a mobile marketing campaign is selecting a smartphone advertising platform. Many of the major search engines have established additional networks to advertising on smartphones. To save money and get more targeted traffic, try contacting the developers of applications that are relevant to your offer. This is key for internet marketing on smartphones because it ensures that your audience is interested in what you're offering. This leads to better conversions.

Another great thing about advertising on relevant applications is that many of them have a fee. This means that the people viewing the ad have already shown a willingness to spend money over their phone. Keep in mind that free and low-cost offers will always convert better, regardless of your mobile marketing method. For this reason, many smartphone marketers choose cost-per-action offers that are optimized for mobile platforms.