The New Diablo Blanco Red Leopard Gecko

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There is a new breed of leopards known as the Diablo Blanco which is genetically a pattern-less gecko with a complete red-eye. This new red-eye leopard gecko or the Diablo Blanco may or may not be all completely red, some possess only with one or more eyes being 50% of the solid red and the other one acquires the solid red color in both eyes.

Actually this new morph called the Diablo Blanco has three eye variations and only two body variants. As of now there are only two categories of this kind: the Blanco’s and the Diablo Blanco.

The Blanco is also a genetically pattern-less gecko, only they have the normal colored eyes of an albino. The head, body, and tail color is white. Although some Blanco’s may possess a yellowish color in their body, it may be totally wiped out through selective breeding of the next generation.

The other category is called the Diablo Blanco, this variety possess the complete or partial red-eyed color leopard gecko. Just like the raptor morph, there can also be a snake-eyed Diablo Blanco. That would mean that there could be one or more eyes that will have only half of the solid red color and there could also be a gecko with the two eyes being solid red. The best quality of this morph may possess a complete white skin from head to tail with two vividly solid red eyes.

How did these breed came about?

This is the result of cross breeding of the snowy white Tremper Albino “Blazing Blizzard” females with the best raptor male available as well as breeding those het offspring together. It is definitely not the cross breeding of two Blazing Blizzard’s with a pure Blizzard and miraculously came up with a new variety of a red-eye morph. Never yet in the history has that, two Blazing Blizzard geckos produced an all red-eyed leopards.

The Diablo Blanco variety, act as a recessive trait just like the other albino morph. When mixed together, they will produce the same characteristics, traits, and appearance of that of the parents.

The New Diablo Blanco red-eye leopard gecko is a new variety from trial breeding of hobbyist. With patience and painstaking observation of their pets they have finally produced a beautiful flawless white with the possibility of having two solid red eyes lizards. Producing your own new gecko variety greatly depends on your creativity. Study about these reptiles and try to cross-bred it yourself and be able to produce a unique and beautiful variety that can be called your own.

Find out more about this red-eyed leopard geckos; how to care for them and what to feed them. Are they the same with other leopard geckos?

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