Samsung G600 – Simply Great to Operate

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Samsung is one particular brand that has managed to actualise the expectations of the mobile phone users to a great extent. This brand has always lived up to the expectations of the people in producing both high end and basic handsets. However, the Samsung handsets are particularly known for their class apart designs. Therefore, the latest Samsung G600 is also not an exception.

This latest handset is also very trendy and comes with very sleek dimensions and lightweight. Quite amazingly, this handset weighs just 104 gms and comes with dimensions of 101 x 47.8 x 14.9 mm. The 2.2. inches TFT screen of this handset displays images with the support of 16 million colours and boasts of display resolutions of 240 x 320 pixels.

The Samsung G600 is very trendy and class apart in terms of storage capacity also. Its 55 MB embedded memory can be used to store innumerable data but, that too can be expanded with the support of microSD (TransFlash) card. AS a matter of fact, with the support of the memory card, you can expand the storage capacity according to your requirements.

The 5 mega pixels camera of this mobile phone would permit you to capture far, still, moving and close images without any hassles and that too with bright and sharp clarity. This camera phone has the potential to snap and store images with high resolutions of 2592 x 1944 pixels. Moreover, the extra options such as image stabiliser, flash and auto focus would assist you during the photographic sessions at ease.

Mobile phones are now ruling the wish list of almost every type of people. Moreover, when the Samsung mobile phones are concerned, people give a thumbs up to this brand as almost every model stands apart in the competition with high end designs and advanced specifications. The Latest Samsung G600 handset even comes enriched with high tech options such as document viewer, enticing music player, Bluetooth printing, WAP browser, TV out and built-in-handsfree etc. Thus, it would be a good decision for you, if you opt this handset to enhance both your communication and entertainment options.

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