The Right Denim And Diamonds Attire Makes The Party Authentic

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Denim and Diamonds party themes have become a popular party theme for at home parties as well as charitable fundraisers. If you’ve received an invitation to attend one of these fun events, but are not quite sure what to wear to a denim and diamonds affair, you are not alone. One of the most asked questions is what are some examples of appropriate denim and diamonds attire? The answer is that there is no right or wrong selection for denim and diamonds attire, but this article will give you some creative ideas and guidance on what to wear.

A denim and diamonds party is an elegant, yet casual affair for guests. Whether it’s a home based birthday or holiday party or an extensive fundraising event for your favorite charity, attire options can span a wide range of acceptable options. At these popular events, dining options and entertainment are upscale while guest dress code is more country casual with an elegant flair.

Below are some examples of fun and easy ideas for outfits. Remember there is no right or wrong thing to wear. Keeping your denim and diamonds attire casual with a touch of bling and you’ll be in tip-top fashion. Note: The diamond accents apply mostly to the ladies wear; gentlemen will need to accessorize to add some sparkle.

For the Ladies, think denim and sparkle with these suggested items:

  • A denim jacket accented with crystals or rhinestones
  • Blue jeans with rhinestone accents on pockets or around the bottom
  • Crystal accented belts or scarves
  • Pair a blue or silver sequined shell beneath a denim jacket
  • A denim look tee or shell with rhinestone accents dressed beneath a casual blazer
  • Denim skirts with crystal or diamond accents.
  • Cowboy boots, plain or fancy
  • Accent items such as: western jewelry, scarves or vests with sparkle.

For the Gents, here are some popular and easy denim and diamonds attire suggestions:

  • Western styled dress shirt with pearl like snaps or other decorative accents.
  • Blue jeans
  • Western boots
  • Cowboy hat with decorative accents
  • Denim jacket – plain
  • A decorative bolo tie or dazzling cuff links.

Denim and Diamonds attire can be found locally or on-line, and doesn’t need to cost a fortune. That’s the whole point of a denim and diamonds party – everyone can participate. A few, carefully selected pieces go a long way. Whether it’s a pretty sequined top or a simple belt full of sparkle, each invitee can design their own look.

If you think your guests will need some help jazzing up their outfit to look the part, think of simple party favors you can give to guests upon arrival to get them in on the act. Simple bandanas or plain white tees, accented with a Bedazzler type tool to add some sparkle is a great idea. Self sticking or iron-on appliqués commonly found in craft superstores can be a super easy and inexpensive addition to a scarf or bandana that can be handed to your guests as a favor upon arrival. Other party favors that can be used as attire accents, include glittery cowboy hats, belts, or inexpensive broaches or pins.

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