Creative Ways to Say "Thank You"

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Thanksgiving Day comes once a year in the US, but every day there are people in our lives who deserve our thanks. Sometimes a simple "Thank you" is appropriate. At other times, it is more thought to be creative in expressing appreciation. It's just good business.

Here are some suggestions for thank people at work, at home, and in the community.

1. When you say "Thank you" tell the person specifically what it is you appreciate and why you appreciate it. "Thank you for going to the Post Office for me. It saved me a lot of time."

2. Send an e-mail note. When I sent a thank you note to my staff in the Pentagon, the energy level shot up.

3. Send a hand-written thank you note. These are noteworthy because so few of us take time to write and mail them.

4. Place an unexpected phone call just to say "Thank you." Connecting verbally adds warmth to your appreciation even if you reach voice mail.

5. Present a small certificate. Half-page certificates take up less space if displayed and are as meaningful as full sized certificates. They tend to draw attention because they are different.

6. Give a single flower from your garden, flowerpot, or florist, with a verbal "Thank you" or a note.

7. Put a candy bar or piece of fruit on the desk of the person to be thanked, with or without a note. (Be sure the person is not on vacation!)

8. Bake some cookies. This is especially effective when men bake and present a few cookies in thanksgiving.

9. Say something nice about the recipient of your thanks to someone else when the person you appreciate can overhear you. This is especially powerful in a business setting.

10. For special occasions, present a US flag that has flown over the Capitol. It is a unique, reasonably priced item which few people own. A certificate of authenticity is provided in honor of any special occasion you designed. Call your congressman's office and ask for it. If you do not have a local contact, call 202 224-3121 and ask for your congressman or congresswoman by name. When you reach that person's office, ask to purchase a flag. They'll know what to do!

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