Counter Surveillance Techniques – Simple Methods That Can Be Used Effectively

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Many people don’t understand the reasons why they may need to practice counter surveillance techniques, and the people who need it most are often unfamiliar with the equipment required. One misconception that many people hold is that if you’re not doing anything “wrong”, you have no reason to worry about being secretly recorded. In today’s cutthroat economy, this is simply not the case. Unfortunately, in the world of business more and more of your competitors are attempting to gain an edge on you by spying and using surveillance techniques.

You can avoid many common methods of surveillance by using some basic counter surveillance techniques. Far too many people underestimate simple precautions such as shredding mail, locking mailboxes, and using a screen saver on the computer. You can take simple steps on a daily basis to help prevent against both surveillance and identity theft, at little to no initial cost. If you continue to be sure that someone is spying on you, you can consider more advanced counter surveillance techniques and equipment.

Common sense can be one of your best weapons against malicious listening or video capture. Take the time to check your home or business on a daily basis for anything unusual. Even seemingly insignificant differences can be a sign that someone is watching you. Modern spy cameras and listening devices can be installed in a ceiling or wall with only minimal damage that is visible to the naked eye. By being proactive, you can catch a spy in the act before they gather too much essential information about your family or business.

In the workplace, common sense can also help keep sensitive company information private. By taking the time to use simple techniques such as password protection on your files and a screensaver on your desktop, you are protecting your confidential information. Other steps you can take are turning of your computer when you leave the office, being sure your remove papers from the copy machine, fax machine, or printer, and always knowing where your keys or ID badge are at all times. These simple measures may not seem like counter surveillance techniques, but they are! Imagine what a spy could do with the information on your computer, or by using your keys to gain access to your office file room!

If you find anything unusual during your routine checks, you should consider advanced counter surveillance techniques to secure your business. Discretion and common sense can provide some protection, but counter surveillance equipment will be necessary if you need protection from the prying eyes of a determined person or organization. Counter surveillance equipment can be an excellent investment, as it ensures that your private information continues to be private.

Take the time to institute simple counter surveillance techniques today. Using common sense, take a good hard look around your home or office, and see what steps you can take to avoid being observed. Protect your informational assets, and you’ll be taking an important step towards protecting your business.

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