Q-link Jewelry, Asian Theories Western Applications

Our cluttered thoughts keep us from experiencing the world around us these days. But you can escape this complicated thinking by wearing a simple yet beautiful piece of jewelry. As strange as this may sound, 25 years of scientific research has produced a small, but powerful piece of technology that helps to modulate your brainwaves from the high frequencies encountered in stressful situations to the lower frequencies found in states of relaxation. The technology is most commonly found in a pendant, known as a Q-link, and wearing it will help you to increase your conscious interaction with the world around you.

When you wear the Q-Link next to your body it resonates according to the natural frequencies of your body, which are beneficial to a healthy state of being. When one is healthy there is a corresponding set of frequencies produced by the body, but when one is ill these frequencies can become disturbed.

The technology is the product of years of scientific research combined with the wisdom of traditional oriental medicine. People in India and China traditionally have come to a conclusion that a number of different energies pass through the human body. Individuals who have imbalances in these systems are more susceptible for bad health.

The existence of energy systems were given recognition by western scientists only a couple of decades ago. Various universities were conducting research on sulfur energy physics and sympathetic resonance to improve chemical, electrical and acoustic processes. During this research they inadvertently found out the potential biological benefits. The Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT) is a technique wherein the human health is manipulated by using a non-invasive bio-field.

The Q-Link uses SRT technology that blocks harmful, negative energy that radiates from electromagnetic fields. It has been shown that electromagnetic fields (EMF) produce stress that can disturb the body's immune system and cause stress-related conditions. These electromagnetic fields originate from everyday electronic items such as computers, televisions, and cellular phones.

The pendant generates an energy field by using an induction loop that contains 25 meters of firmly wound copper wire. A tuning board is also used to prevent external interruptions. The unique resonating cell is programmed to locate an energy frequency that is most compatible with the person's body which has the effect of lessening the symptoms of EMFs.