How To Arrange Your Bags And Purse

Bags and purses are just some of the many things that you will see in any lady's closet. These two are not just for fashion but also for keeping things organized when you live you house, even having too many of them create a clutter in the room and it is just a mess seeing too many of your things almost anywhere in your bedroom. These things in place will give your bags and purses a longer life because they will not be prejudiced to damage. If you are having a hard time organizing the things in your closet, here are some pieces of advice on how to keep your bags and purses in place.

Dust off all of them and wipe it with a clean damp cloth. Check each bag and see if you have left some valuable things like money, jewelry, make up etc. in it before you store it. You should evaluate each bag and see if there are damage beyond repair possibly as well throw those few away. After which you have too many of them you need to decide which one you use most. Pick at least five bags which you will hang in your wall for everyday use and the rest put it inside a cabinet for safe keeping, to avoid rust and dirt you can put it in a clear container where you can immediately see the design of the bag in case you want to use one. If you want it to be in a box, take a picture of each bag and put it above the lead of the box for you to know which one is in the box without opening all of them. You can also label them if you want.

Decide on where you would like to place those boxes containing your collection. If you have small closet and space utilize the space under your bed and put all you collection underneath this will save you closet space and will remove the eye sore clutter.

If there are bags and purses that you re not using anymore, you can give it away or maybe have a garage sale you can use the money to buy another set of bags that you can use.

Bags and purses are totally a must have for women who want to look good and feel comfortable when they are walking down the street because they know that everything that they need is just in their shoulder hanging. However too many of it creates a chaos in the bedroom so keeping and storing them in the right place will definitely make them last longer.